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VIDIVICI - Hydra Intense Over Night Mask 50ml

$280.00 HKD

Suitable for skin dullness, aging, long-term lack of water in the skin, dry, neutral, mixed skin 

After 25 days of aging, the skin's moisture content is gradually reduced, and the skin becomes dry and dehydrated. In addition, the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands decreases with age, so the skin is prone to water shortage and not only the fine lines begin to climb. Face, and even itching because of dryness, VIDIVICI Ocean Hydra Repairing Sleep Mask is able to inject nutrients and moisture into dry skin all night long, repair dry cells, and bring a supple gloss to the waking skin! 

Ocean Hydra Repair Sleep Mask Overnight Mask also comes with a facial mask, easy to use! Sweeping hair is very fine, very soft and does not irritate the skin 

Use a special brush to apply a proper amount on the face evenly, and gently absorb it from the inside to the outside and wait for it to absorb.