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Weight or Volume 100ml
Product Main Specifications Dry/Oily/Senstive/Combination Skin Types
Usage Time (Usage time after opening) We usually ship the product that has more than 1 year from the expiry date.
Directions of Use After cleansing face, apply evenly on your face except the eye and lip area. After 10 minutes, wash off with warm water once the pack no longer smears on your fingers.
Manufacturing Country North America / Europe
100 stearate, charcoal powder, xanthan gum, lecithin, phage-150 distearate, propylene glycol stearate, polyglycerol stearate, , Sorbitan laurate, glycerin, propylene glycol isoleate, simethicone, caprylyl glycols, ethylhexyl glycerin, hexylene glycol, trisodium iodide, dehydroacetic acid, phenoxyethanol * Ingredients may vary from case to case.
Functionality Tested n/a
Cautions 1. It is recommended that customers should consult a dermatologist if skin troubles such as rashes, swelling, or itchiness occur on the applied area during or after use due to direct sunlight. 2. Do not apply it on the parts where you have scars, etc. 3. Caution for treatment and storage 1) Keep away from the reach of children. 2) Avoid direct sunlight when storing.

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