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$190.00 HKD

Weight or Volume 250ml
Product Main Specifications All Skin Types
Usage Time (Usage time after opening) Refer to the bottom backside of the product. / 12M after opening
Directions of Use Spread and apply evenly on a clean, dry body.
Manufacturer and Distributor L’OCCITANE/L’OCCITANE
Manufacturing Country France
Cherry blossom, Shea butter

Functionality Tested n/a
Cautions 1. It is recommended that customers should stop using the product if the followings occur and continuously using the product will only worsen the situation. If problems occur, consult a dermatologist. 1) When you feel irregular responses on your skin such as irritation, itching or rash. 2) When the above symptoms occur on the part of the skin where the product is applied by direct sunlight 2. Do not apply it on the part where you have a scar, eczema, or dermatitis. 3. Caution for treatment and storage 1) Tighten the lid after using it. 2) Keep away from the reach of children 3) Do not keep it in places where the temperature is extremely hot or low and exposed to the direct sunlight.