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Clarins UV Plus Day Screen Multi-Protection 50ml

$364.00 HKD

This tinted UV PLUS ANTI-POLLUTION protector is a Clarins multi-protection treatment developed specifically to keep Asian skin beautiful thanks to its formula rich in plant extracts delivered in an unbelievably clear and light cream. It is the first line of defence in protecting the skin and keeping it looking young, fresh and radiant.

Product details

Weight or Volume 50ml
Product Main Specifications All skin types / UV Protection
Usage Time (Usage time after opening) 12 months after opening
Directions of Use In the last stage of basic skin care, smooth a suitable amount on your skin in the morning.
Manufacturer and Distributor CLARINS/ CLARINS
Manufacturing Country France
Cantaloupe Melon Extract, Mineral Filter, etc.

Functionality Tested N/A
Cautions It is recommended that customers should stop using the product when the followings occur. (When you feel irregular responses on skin such as irritation, itching or rash.)